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  • Small Business Grants for February 2023

    A myriad of small business grants are available with deadlines in in February, so you could become the next great entrepreneur.

  • How to Refine Your Target Audience to Reach More Customers

    Having a defined target audience can increase your success rate and save you time in finding customers. Let’s discuss how to refine the target audience for your brand and define your target consumer.

  • The Difference Between a Mentor and a Coach for Entrepreneurs

    While both mentors and coaches can provide invaluable guidance, there are distinct differences between the two that aspiring entrepreneurs should be aware of.

  • Five Alternatives to Stripe or PayPal to Consider

    Not all businesses can use or process payments using Stripe or PayPal, so it’s important to know alternative merchant processors besides these two giants.

  • GinaCurl Gives the Hair Industry New Life

    Gina Rivera, is a founder out to set a new standard with a startup brand that aims to give black women a safer alternative. 

  • How Long Should a Business Day Be

    How Long Should a Business Day Be?

    The average person spends around eight hours working on a business day. This can vary based on factors like occupation, shifts, and if the person takes breaks during their work day.

  • Business Headshots for Startups on a Budget-final

    3 Approaches to Business Headshots for Startups on a Budget

    As a startup, you wear many hats and are often pulled in a million different directions. One area that is often neglected is business headshots.

  • Is Saturday a Business Day

    Is Saturday a Business Day?The Quick Answer 

    Monday through Friday are typically considered business days, but what about Saturday? Is Saturday a business day? The quick answer is no, but we’ll explain why and offer some insight into how you can operate your business efficiently during the week.

  • Benefits of Business Parks

    The Many Benefits of Business Parks

    Business parks are specialized zones within which businesses can operate. They are distinct from other types of commercial property in several ways, and offer a number of benefits to those who occupy them. If you’re considering renting office space, a business park might be the perfect option for you.

  • Top 5 Startup Jobs in Dubai!

    If you’re thinking about making a move to Dubai, then you’ll want to check out these five in-demand startup jobs!