Networkers looking for a free mastermind group that is based around service-based entrepreneurs.

Networkers looking for a free mastermind group that is based around service-based entrepreneurs. They want to meet new people and ask questions about their business. They want to chat with other members of the mastermind group and learn from each other.

Service based entrepreneurs that want to work on their business, network and be inspired to grow their business. They want to work with other service based entrepreneurs online. They want to share ideas, ask for help and learn from others.

Service based entrepreneurs that are looking to learn how to build a service business. They have an idea but they need help with their marketing and business growth. They want to connect with other service based entrepreneurs and learn from them.

Business people that want a mastermind to help them grow their business and develop strategies for building an online service business. They want to meet every Wednesday at 6pm in New York City. They want to get feedback from other entrepreneurs on how to grow their online business in certain areas, such as sales, marketing, and customer service.

The NetWurk meets weekly on Saturday Mornings at 9AM on a Zoom call.

Netwurk Mastermind: A free mastermind group for service-based entrepreneurs. Learn from and share your experiences with others in the group. I started this group to meet other service-based startups, learn from each other and help each other out.

Meet And Learn From Network Marketer Entrepreneurs: If you’re not building your business through direct-selling, then you’ve got to be part of this mastermind group. Our community brings together network marketers exclusively to help each other succeed and bring a new wave of prosperity to the industry. It doesn’t matter what business you have or what niche you’re in, because we all have similar problems and opportunities that we can work together on. This is your chance to get involved.

Netwurk: Treat your business like a business, not a hobby. Join a community of service-based entrepreneurs who are on the journey to making their business profitable and not living off of savings or side hustles.

Become A Better Business Owner: Start Your Entrepreneur Journey The Right Way.